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Ibiza is a paradise that deserves to be looked after and known in order to be kept this way. Crystal waters, breathtaking landscapes, indescribable flavors, and welcoming people.

At Aiyanna Ibiza we feel part of that White Isle magical balance and we do our bit to preserve its natural beauty and wealth. A work for which our whole team has now been rewarded. Because…

We are the first company in Ibiza to receive the International Biosphere Certification!

Here at Aiyanna we prefer the deeds over words, therefore we encourage you to discover what we do: projects that are also a great part of the wonderful experience we always offer at Aiyanna Ibiza.

Would you like to learn more about our most highlighted contributions for the 2030 agenda and ODS? check it out

Obtaining the Biosphere Certification is the result of teamwork: each and every one of us is part of this great accomplishment.

As well as guaranteeing a unique and memorable experience, our commitment to Ibiza is a great part of our raison d’être.

Our whole team has strived and succeed in all our initiatives to promote the balance for the Ibiza society and its natural environment.

A collective effort that now Biosphere confirms and for which, we thank our whole team. Every day, we will continue offering the best of ourselves and evolving to generate a positive impact for both residents and visitors. Without a doubt, at Aiyanna Ibiza we have an exceptional team who put all their energy and effort to improve constantly.

Come to see us and feel part of this inspiring project.

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