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At Aiyanna we are aware of our environmental impact, therefore we work hard to to protect our local , taking care of our environment to keep it as it has been given to us.

The culture of sustainability is in our DNA and all our team is committed to the development of real and effective actions. Day by day we integrate this responsibility, and we also share it with our customers, suppliers and collaborators. We are proud to be a reference in the sector and to inspire many others so that, together, we can drive an ecosystem of positive change.

Pioneering Sustainability
Setting The Standard
Leading The Way


Water is one of our most precious commodities. That is why we make great efforts to ensure its adequate use so that future generations do not suffer shortages. We guarantee the sustainability of available water through through these actions:

  • We carry out campaigns to inform and raise awareness about the cleanliness and responsible use of water.
  • We adopt measures to avoid polluting water with our activity.
  • Our facilities favour lower (and more efficient) water consumption.
  • We apply measures to reuse water in our facilities.
  • We care about the quality and cleanliness of our water systems.


At Aiyanna we contribute to ensuring and promoting universal access to cleaner, smarter and more modern energy services:

  • We adopt energy efficiency measures in our facilities.
  • We prioritise the use of green and more renewable energy sources.


At Aiyanna, we understand that resources are not infinite, so we implement circular systems in orde rto minimise waste. We create production patterns which facilitate sustainable consumption, for example:

  • We apply responsible production and consumption criteria.
  • We control, monitor and report on the management of our waste and impacts.
  • We collaborate with other entities to promote sustainability in the territory.
  • We promote the 3Rs in our facilities and production models: reduce, recycle and reuse.
  • We adopt measures to minimise the waste we generate with our activity.
  • We prioritise the purchase and consumption of local and sustainable products and services.


As a response to climate change, at Aiyanna Ibiza we actively encourage all staff to use form of transport other than motovehicles.



  • We collaborate to prevent pollution of the seas, oceans and rivers.
  • We support more sustainable uses of marine resources.


At Aiyanna we implement measures and strategies to prevent the negative impacts on the land:

  • We strive to avoid degradation of terrestrial ecosystems and habitats.
  • We act to reduce the impacts of our activities on biodiversity.
  • We carry out activities that respect the natural heritage and local fauna.

Biosphere Certification

In Aiyanna we are part of the magical balance of our island and we contribute to maintain its beauty and richness. A work that we see compensated today:

We are the first company in Ibiza and the first restaurant in all the Balearic Islands to receive the International Biosphere Certification.


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